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I’m not your typical motivational speaker.

My expertise is in understanding what moves and transforms people, both in life and in work. My skill is the ability to both relate to, and engage an audience on a powerful emotional level.

Whether speaking to CEO’s or to members of staff. I deliver dynamic business insights with the fun and passion that every audience deserves.

By avoiding all the conference cliche’s. I deliver challenging, memorable and productive learning experiences tailored for your business sector. I can transform a dull event into one with lasting meaning for your whole audience.

Whether you are aiming to build better relationships with your customers, work colleagues or in life. I can bring out the best in you, your staff and the relationships you have.

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  • 14Nov


    Life sometimes gets in the way of being spontaneous. We all have places to be, bills to pay and things to do. The challenge is to occasionally mix it up, plan something entirely different. My very gorgeous husband and I did that a few weeks ago, planned a trip to Byron Bay – why because [...]

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  • 13Aug

    Disconnecting is the key to Freedom

    Its True- the internet, portable access, social media have all made our lives easier in so many ways. Being able to call or text someone, or being able to send an email at any time has made connecting easy at times. However- and there is a BIG However- I see in the world of communication [...]

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