Its True- the internet, portable access, social media have all made our lives easier in so many ways.
Being able to call or text someone, or being able to send an email at any time has made connecting easy at times.

However- and there is a BIG However- I see in the world of communication so many people becoming connected with their devices and computers phones etc and
Many people can’t last an hour or a day without logging on to something……………..and when people go for a walk to relax, or go away they are often on Facebook or wired in and so therefore cannot be present and be taking in where they are.

Last year we went on a holiday to USA and we did not on purpose take our Mobile Phones or
Log on to computers. It was so freeing to not log on and to simply soak up and Be Present where we were and who we were with. No Text, No Email, No Face book, no calls-
Could not believe how free we felt…………..

So we are soon going away again and will do the same thing- no phone, no email no social media……the people close to us may receive an old fashioned postcard or quick hello but generally speaking we are CLOSED! Not Available- ON HOLIDAY!!

We will be having a Relationship with each other- those we are holidaying with- and the places we go………..sounds odd in a way-
Consider this I ask you…disconnect for just a half day, then try a day- then even try a weekend- The world won’t collapse, your business wont fail…………but you will get to have a relationship and be truly present- you will absorb the sights and sounds around you……………..

I am not against social media as I said- there are so many fabulous things about technology-
But Real Relationships are built on People- and the old fashioned way- talking……………

Try it and you could feel Free!! Freedom is not about standing on a mountain with arms wide open- it is about FEELING truly Free
Loose you phone, I Pad, etc for just an hour,a day a weekend and see what else you can do in that time- its kind of like turning the TV off-

Anyway it works for me- (Sometimes)

Stay Special