Life sometimes gets in the way of being spontaneous. We all have places to be, bills to pay and things to do.

The challenge is to occasionally mix it up, plan something entirely different.

My very gorgeous husband and I did that a few weeks ago, planned a trip to Byron Bay – why because we had never been there and it was on our list of places to go one day.


We left our young daughter and escaped for for a few nights. We walked on the beach, saw the light house, drove around in a convertible, sat in a bar and listened to live music. All the things we often don find time to do.

We re connected, we talked for hours or days as it was, and we came back both invigorated and feeling close again.

It does not matter of it’s with a friend, a partner, a child- my challenge to you is to this week find something entirely different to do that you would not normally do.

It might be breakfast in the city, dinner out mid-week somewhere exotic- swing dancing or going to a mid-week show-

Just make it something you would not normally do- draw up a list of things you would like to do. Take a walking tour of your city or even better a food tour (last year a friend and I did a dumpling tour of Melbourne- sensational.

We started collecting all gold coins in a tin and opened it a few days prior to leaving. Surprisingly we had more than enough spending money and we did not even notice dropping those coins in.

Why not let me know what you do to “spice up your life” – would love to hear your ideas.

P.,S. As I write this it is raining and I don’t usually walk in the rain however now have decided to put on a coat grab and umbrella and go for the walk anyway.

Stay Special

Love Di