Welcome! To my first ever Blog………….

And welcome to the re-launch of You Are Special!!

I would never have got here without an amazing cheer squad around me.
People, who have believed in me, supported me and helped me get to this stage.
Firstly to Jeremy at E Traffic who assured me I don’t need to understand technology, I simply need to supply content and he will use his “brilliance” to upload and create.
Secondly to Michael my son at Booker Creative- besides being a super nice son he is really clever and has used his graphic design skills to create flyers, cards etc- Thankyou
And whilst there are a squillion people I can thank personally I say thankyou to you all, most especially my very gorgeous and super nice guy husband Das who somehow always believes in me even when I don’t.

So when it comes to Cheers Squads who is on your team? After all every team has a cheer squad. Of coach, mentors and others who are there to cheer them on, support them in tough times and celebrate with them the good times.

We all need a cheer squad in our every day lives, people who tell us whats right about us. People, who help us up when days seem tough, people who can see our potential when we can’t. A nice idea is to list yours, write them down, they could be family, friends, work colleagues, team members of a sport or social group etc. Then another nice idea is to write them a hand written note ( yes its old fashioned I know ,) but it seems to mean so much more than an email or text. Write them a note, tell them how much you appreciate them, and thank them.
Guess what you also get to feel good- and so will they. The effects are like throwing a stone into a river- there will be a ripple effect and you can start that.
In the coming weeks and months I hope to write about something new each week, that you can take on board to improve your life, that will inspire you to take action and do something different to get positive results.

Please share the blog with as many as you can do thank you for being part of my own cheer squad in life. You really are special!!
Love Di