Skills Training

Anyone can teach Sales, or Customer service training, or Team building- but when the change and motivation come from within the results are both outstanding and sustainable.
Dis; real expertise lie with her ability to bring the best out in people and this happens when Motivation is internal. No matter what skill your staff may need, speak to Di today about how she can assist you to bring out the best in your people.

What We Offer

  • corporate-presentation Corporate Presentation

    Not your typical motivational speaker. Di understands people and people relate to Di. Di Padgett and her presentations are the Fun that every audience deserves and and shes whats missing from so many conferences and staff get together. Testimonials don’t lie – Read them as they all say the same thing – Refreshing, Real, Fun and made the event a success!!

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  • training-skills Skills Training

    Achieving Great customer service does not happen by chance. Many people can etch the basics but the real strength of Dis work is she will help you to create the motivation internally within your business or group. Management Training, Attitudunal change, sales training – whatever the task Di will help you bring out the very best within your people.

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  • tailored-workshop Consulting

    Companies Australasia wide bring Di in to talk to them about how Morale can be improved, absenteeism lower or bottom line increasing. Whether is small or large business, Di can Tailor a program to suit that show you how to build your business so it retains great staff, serves needs of customers and bottom liens improve. No need to ask can you afford to hire Di, the real question is can you afford not to? Di will help you see where instantly things can be improved.

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  • workshop-presentation Workshops Presentation

    Di will sit with you listen, observe and suggest or create some workshops that will suit Your Business. No matter the subject they all begin with People and Di is an expert at bringing out the best in People.

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